About Katherine


Katherine grew up in the countryside of America,  home schooled on a farm with dogs, cats, a horse, a pony,  peacocks, rabbits, sheep, goats, turkeys, an African Gray parrot, and many others.

She has been writing for twenty years, starting with screenwriting, then moving into novels and a self improvement book. She’s now returning to her first love of writing for the screen with both film scripts and teleplays.

She is the founder of a writing organization in a southern college town.

Katherine still lives in the house she was literally born in (she sleeps 30 feet from where she was born — how many people can say that?), with her sister, who is an amazing artistic genius.  They also share their home with both a Brad Kunkle print and a Weta-produced Thranduil ring — WOW!

Artwork by Brad Kunkle
Available from the Weta Workshop

She and her sister are lifelong students of self improvement, and Katherine has given away over 90% of her possessions, cycled 60 miles in a day, lost over 50 pounds in 2016 (and gained some of it back ;-), become financially secure, and continues to transform her life and circumstance in service of her lifelong goals. She’s also been on many adventures, had way too much fun, and stood weeping in awe before 300 year old poplar trees.

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Contact info: katherinecerulean@gmail.com